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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  October 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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>> good afternoon. happening right now, sky 9 is over a wildfire in albert county, northeast part of the county. the county sheriff's office posted on facebook saying they are responding to the chaparral
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the sheriff's office said they're deploying crews to cut fire lines and try to prevent the fire from spreading. you see all the smoke up there. it's been so dry lately, we really need some rainfall. we had something similar happen over the weekend that we'll tell you about in summit county but once we get more information about this we'll pass it along to you. at this point, guys, we don't know anything about evacuation. we don't know how many crews are on the ground. sky 9 just launched a little bit ago to br image and this is what it looks like, wildfire in albert county, so dry out there. once we get an update, we'll pass it to you right away. thanks for joining us for 9news at noon. tim kaine is campaigning in denver today, holding a rally for voters at the national western complex in denver. he is joined by dave matthews, who is putting on a concert this afternoon for the
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we have a link where you can register to attend at just because you are rsvp does not guarantee admission into this. the concert begins at 1:30. donald trump came out swinging in the second debate against hillary clinton sunday evening. clinton got in a few jabs of her own last night but the topic still on a lot of minds right now, that 11-year-old access hollywood tape. it got a lot of time in sunday's debate. jennifer johnson has the story. >> reporter: no handshake at the start and that 11-year-old sexually crude tape on everyone's minds. >> this was locker room talk. >> it -- represents exactly who he is. >> reporter: but donald trump was pointing his fingers at bill clinton. >> there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women. >> the trump campaign brought three women who made sexual accusation against clinton to the debate but said it was about his opponent. >> it doesn't have to do with
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blamed the women in bill clinton's life. >> reporter: that vulgar tape is hurting the gop nominee and a new nbc news/wall street journal national poll taken just before the debate, clinton's lead widened to 11 point. >> i believe in redemption. i believe in second chances. >> reporter: clinton's campaign said she was there to talk about important matters. >> hillary came to talk about plan that will make a difference in people's lives. >> reporter: with many republicans fleeing trump ship, pressure billionaire stayed on the offensive, attacking use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> it's good someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law. >> because you'd be in jail >> reporter: many say trump sun fit to be president.
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officials will meet by telephone call to talk about the future of their candidate. the clinton campaign will be in pueblo wednesday. they have not released details of what time and where the event is happening at this time. take a look at this chart showing which candidate was searched most in colorado during the debate on google. trump ranked number 1 for a while early in the debate during his talk about his behavior and leaked audio of offensive then it went back and forth the rest of the debate. as for which words were searched heavily within colorado, take a look at this. this is a list from trends map, words like "locker," ""assault," ""presidential," "russia," as well as broncos- related terms because they were playing yesterday. you have the chance to hear
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candidates tonight. kyle dyer will host a forum. michael byer and glenn are invited along with mike kaufman and morgan carroll. it starts tonight at 6:00 at the elaine moore theater in denver. 9news will host a debate tuesday between the senate candidates. senator bennett and republican challenger glenn will debate live on s. reutimann and present don dan clark will be the moderators. you can catch it on channel 20 and . an update on gary kubiak. the broncos said coach kubiak was diagnosed with a complex migraine condition. he left the stadium in an ambulance after the news conference on sunday's game against the atlanta falcons. the seam said he had flu-like
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underwent several precautions their tests because of his condition and everything came back normal. he is expected to be released from the hospital this afternoon. he haded health episode in 2013 when he collapsed on the field at half time. he was the texans head coach at the time and basically had a mini stroke. the broncos, unfortunately, had their first loss of the season, falling to the falcons 23-16. the first regular season loss in nearly ten months. paxton lynch was sacked six times, stripped of the ball twice, threw a pick, but denver made it to the end zone once, thomas reaching across the goal line to make the touchdown by an inch, if that. not much time to get ready this week because denver takes on the san diego chargers thursday evening in san diego. it is warming up out there today and may be a really nice day to go out for lunch, right? >> reporter: it is, and i know our broncos were off yesterday but the sun came out. >> yeah, it did. >> we move on to the next day. >> we'll get them on thursday,
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want to show you what is happening with our wind right now because you just heard our top story, a brush fire happening in albert county right now, a breezy day at that with gusts right now up to 20 miles per hour around the metro area, higher gusts closer to the pass, and red flag warning effect for wyoming and panhandle of nebraska with gusts in the 30s and 20s as far as miles per hour go. now, across the state, it's are increasing ahead of our next storm that doesn't arrive until tomorrow, dropping our temperatures and bringing a chance for rain and snow in the mountains as well as clouds here in the city. no clouds out there right now. boulder is beautiful, flatiron -- oh, just gorgeous. take a hike. temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll have passing clouds for this afternoon and then those clouds thicken through the evening so it will be those
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overnight and will allow temperatures to stay mild and highs in the upper 70s and we have 70s so a wonderful october day. we have a cooldown and we'll let you know how low we go in the forecast. in this is a big temperature coming you may want to plan for because those can come out of nowhere. >> i'll tell you when it's coming. i'll see you in a few. >> thank you hurricane matthew left behind a trail of destruction. it was a weekend of daring water rescue. people had to be saved from the rooftops of north carolina. 20 people were killed, most in north carolina. many are under evacuation that is mandatory. in we will be out for two weeks or go. >> we grabbed everything we could and left. >> her neighbors were rescued
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without homes. damage could top $6 billion, and the threat isn't over. some swollen rivers could still rise 17 feet above flood stage. firefighters have contained a wildfire burning in summit county near keystone. within the last 45 minutes, we learned the wildfire is fully contained. it started around noon on saturday, just above the shooting range at the summit county landfall, and it burned about 22 acres. great news coming out of this ld we're continuing to follow the other one we told you about at the top of the show in el paso county. right now, denver police are trying to figure out what led to a double shooting overnight. police said one person was killed in the shooting and another person was seriously injured and that person is still in critical condition. investigators said the call about this came in just after 1:00 this morning. the closure around 27th and larimer and lawrence area was put in place for the investigation. some of you may have been
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stress for morning commuters that need to get through the area. colorado springs police are looking for three people involved in the shooting that happened outside a colorado springs convenience store. a 45-year-old man was injured in the shooting. now, according to the colorado springs gazette, it happened on saturday night after an argument between the victim and three men who are inside the vehicle. police said one of the suspects fired several shots. the man who was shot has non life-threatening injuries right now. all right, parents, a heads some lunchables are being recalled. kraft heinz is recalling 1,000- pound of lunchables because of a labeling mistake. 959-pound of ham and american cracker stackers were mislabeled so that mistake means the packages do not include the proper allergens present in the dairy food itself. it contains wheat and soy, which is not stated on the product label. if you have this in your fridge
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the store for another product. you have to check your freezers, too, because nestle is recalling some drumstick ice cream cones because of a possible listeria contamination it include the 16-count pack and 24-count vanilla pack, manufacture this bakersfield, california. the company received positive test results tremendous equipment contact surface in a location where the cones are made. no one has reported getting their action but again, don't eat the ice cream, throw it away or take it back to the store to return it. if you can believe it, there is more trouble for samsung. yes, all because of the galaxy note 7 smartphone. the phone was recalled because it could catch on fire. now the replacement phones pose the same risk. we'll tell you the move next. plus kid-friendly pot.
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their fight. why they call it kid-friendly and how they said it can help with serious medical
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we are still following breaking news. sky 99 over a wildfire in the northeast part of the county. they're responding to the chaparral valley neighborhood on report of a 40-acre brush fire. within the last few minutes -- gosh, these images show you how fast those flames are moving.
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it's about 50 acres and has gone from up the 40 we told you about. people are trying to put out the fire, a lot of crews being sent out there. we're hearing this may be off comanche road. we don't know anything about evacuation. this is very new coming in sky 9 just launched, maybe about an hour ago, not even to get these live images. we'll go to belen for a check of the weather. it flag warning. >> it's in effect for southern wyoming and panhandle of nebraska but doesn't mean we can't have any fires in colorado and with gusts up to 20 miles per hour in that area, that's how these fires are able to quickly spread. now, before of we get in our forecast, i want to update you with the tropical weather because all the headlines have been about hurricane matthew. that one off shore now but we're keeping an eye on what is happening with tropical storm
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this one, 60 miles per hour but watch the track, the movement, expected to stay over the waters of the atlantic, so thankfully, that is the forecast for nicole, no big threat there. back in colorado, it's warm. it's breezy, kind of a catch-22 with our forecast, a beautiful fall day, breezy winds, as we just saw, able to spread wildfires like that. now, there is a chance for rain in our forecast and won't arrive until snow. we'll see a cooldown. now, there's the read flag warning for wyoming and nebraska where gusts will get up to 45 miles per hour. that's in effect until 6:00 p.m., temperatures right now around 75 degrees out of d.i.a., wind at 15 miles per hour. here in the back yard, our temperatures are at 70 degrees so let's check the weather with the rest of the state. temperatures right now in northern colorado, 69, 82 over in ray. in the mountain, 50s and 60s,
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after highs will be in the 80s, 60 and 70s in the mountains. clouds will increase and temperatures will be mild for this time of year. those clouds will act like a blanket for us and won't allow for temperatures to drop too much. in the mountains, 30s and into the 40s. here's your futurecast through today, isolated showers popping up in the high country but no clouds increase in thetcity. chance of rain and a little bit of snow increase in the mountains. in the city, chance of an isolated storm or two and then tomorrow afternoon, another chance for some shower in the eastern plains with additional chances for that wintry precipitation in the mountains. by tomorrow evening, we have clouds around town and still, a best chance to see moisture for
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and northern mountains. today, it will be mild and kind of quiet and dry. tomorrow, 77. then the cold front arrives tuesday into wednesday and knocking down temperature, chance of showers, 56 degrees. after that, we're back in the
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>> welcome back. we are following that wildfire in albert county right now, sky 9 over the northeast part of the county. the albert county sheriff's
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to is happen parol valley neighborhood. the fire is 250 to 300 acres and exploded from what we told you 20 minutes ago. it's initially called the brad bury fire and no structures are threatsened. they may be fighting this off comanche road but you see with the wind and how dry it is, those flames keep moving. we have seen there and trying to put out as much as possible but those temperatures are just not helping out there today with the wind and, uh, how dry it is so we're gonna keep following this throughout the day, guys, on social media, on-air. just so you know, wildfire in albert county right now, live picture from sky 9. all right, samsung's recall nightmares got worse. it's suspending production of
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ensure quality and safety matters and been recalled because of risks to the battery catching fire. at first samsung replaced the phones but the replacements have heated and caught on fire. at&t amounted to stop giving the replacement. marijuana may be legal in colorado but not the case everywhere. doctors in florida hope kids will be able to use some types
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a new treatment clinic in tampa, florida, is offering kid- friendly marijuana as a treatment option for kids and adults. in 2014, a tampa family pushed for legalization of a noneuphoric strain of medical marijuana. they said this helped save their daughter's life. is help had a serious medical condition that cause her to have uncontrollable seizures. charlotte's mom said traditional treatment just
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resort. after just one dose, charlotte's mom said her daughter's seizures dropped from 300 a week to 0. now, years later, the
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sky 9 is over a wildfire in albert county. you can see how fast the flames are the bradpurifier is burning -- brad bury fire is burning around 300 acres and no structures are threatened at this time. it's off comanche road. it's so dry out there, and there is wind, too. belen, we love this warm october weather but it's not doing wonders. >> not at all. it's a double-edged sword. people like to be outside but right now really dry and the chance for any rain out there, at least in the short-term, is not very promising. tomorrow we'll have a high of 77 degrees with a cooldown
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are limited. thursday, friday, and saturday, temperatures are back in the 70s and during the day, even though we do not have a red flag warning issued for colorado it will be breezy, the gusts right now up to 20 miles per hour. so hoping for the best for the people out there and for firefighters. >> yes, good luck to all the firefighters. you're in our thoughts and prayers.
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